Elsa #168 - Elsa - d.o.b. 04/21/2008
Adopted in July, 2008.

Elsa, is a sweetie. We took her in as a bottle baby. Reluctant first to feed and thrive, she is an example of what TLC and proper care can bring. She is healthy, growing and just doing great. She has a very sweet temperament and loves to be kissed on the top of her head. She plays well with her sister Edwina and keeps up easily in a game of chase with him. She is a dear spirit and would make a very loving addition to any home. Her sister, Edwina, is in the background.

Elsa has a new home!

Photo taken 06/01/08.
Elsa and Edwina Maybe we'll get adopted together.

Photo taken 06/01/08.
Elsa and Edwina Photo taken 05/04/08.