Theodore #180 - Theodore - d.o.b. 2006
Adopted 07/19/2008.

Theodore - went home to a wonderful family that included two boxer dogs and another cat! One of the boxers came to meet Theodore to see if they could get along and Theodore sauntered by the boxer a few times, hissing the first time and just showing off after that. The boxer showed her kindness and ignored his acting out, knowing that with patience she could win over her new companion. Theodore warmed immediately to his new special people and he has probably taken over the house by now, boxers and all! We know that Theodore has found his dream family.

Theodore's front paws have been declawed by a previous owner, and therefore, he needs to be an inside boy. He is dressed for success with his tuxedo suit! He was a bit shy when he first came here to new surroundings, but now he is playful and loves people.

Photos taken 06/01/08.