Quentin #200 - Quentin - d.o.b. 4/2008
Adopted 7/19/2008.

Quentin - went home to a young lady who came to our Adoption Fair with her mother. She took a look at Quentin, held him in her arms and carried him around (both very happy) until the decision was made that he could come home with her. Talk about a match made in heaven. I know they both will be very happy and I think mom's pretty happy too!

Quentin is a handsome polydactyl (extra toes) tabby. Those toes make him look like he is wearing mittens. He is very huggable and is a little bit of a ragdoll. He loves to be held like a baby and have his tummy rubbed.

Photo taken 07/12/08.
Quentin Photo taken 07/12/08.