Bosco #271 - Bosco d.o.b March 31, 2009
Bosco is one of Mitzy's kittens. He is a PET FRIENDS kitten that was fostered by SHARE.

Here is his story as told by Coleen, the foster "Mom" who took care of us and our "birth Mom" Mitzy (aka Widow Mittens) until we were weened:
Bosco was the second born kitten in a litter of seven. He was born March 31 2009 at 10:20 AM Bosco didnít have any problems and was happy to fit in with the rest of the group. His mother was left to fend for herself at a house that was in foreclosure. We called his mother Widow Mittens (aka Mitzy). Bosco looks a lot like his mother. Bosco is kind of shy but very sweet.

SHARE found Bosco a new home in June 2009.

Photo taken 06/04/09
Bosco Photo taken 04/23/09