Brute aka Brewster #274 - Brute (aka Brewster) d.o.b March 31, 2009
Mew, I'm one of Mitzy's kittens. We are in foster care at SHARE and will be back when we are spayed / neutered.

Here is my story as told by Coleen, the foster "Mom" who took care of us and our "birth Mom" Mitzy (aka Widow Mittens) until we were weened:
Brute was the last kitten born in the litter of seven, born to Widow Mittens (aka Mitzy) March 31, 2009 at 1:26 pm. Brute was given his name right away and it stuck with him, because he was the biggest guy of the bunch. The kitten that was born right before him was so small, that when Brute was born it was a big surprise. He was big and strong and ready for the world. His face is almost all white. He looks like Quatro and Digger, which is nothing like his mommy. Brute is sweet and strong.

Brute was adopted 07/18/09.

Photo taken 06/04/09
(Brute aka Brewster) Photo taken 4/23/09