Junior #275 - Junior d.o.b March 31, 2009
Meow, I'm one of Mitzy's kittens. We are in foster care at SHARE and will be back when we are spayed / neutered.

Here is my story as told by Coleen, the foster "Mom" who took care of us and our "birth Mom" Mitzy (aka Widow Mittens) until we were weened:
Junior was the fifth born kitten out of a litter of seven. Junior was born 12:02 March 31, 2009. Junior also has the coloring of his mother. Mostly black with white marking. Junior was first called squeaker, because he was squeaking and letting Mother Widow Mittens (aka Mitzy) know his voice the moment he was born. Then my daughter started calling him mustache, because he has a black spot in the area a person would have a mustache. Then his personality really started coming out and we had to call him Junior after one of our cats who is really Mr. Personality. Junior doesn’t seem shy at all, and is ready to play.
Junior was adopted 07/18/09.
Photo taken 06/04/09
Junior Photo taken 4/23/09
Junior Photo taken 4/23/09