Mitzi's Baby 6 #276 - Tinkerbell d.o.b March 31, 2009
Mew, II'm one of Mitzy's kittens. We are in foster care at SHARE and will be back when we are spayed / neutered.

Here is my story as told by Coleen, the foster "Mom" who took care of us and our "birth Mom" Mitzy (aka Widow Mittens) until we were weened:
Tinkerbell was the first born kitten in a litter of seven. She was born March 31, 2009 at 9:30 AM. Her mother (aka Mitzy) was named Widow Mittens , because we have know idea who the father was. Tinkerbelle was very little when she was born, but she wasn’t the smallest after all seven were born. Her name just grew on her because she was feisty, but yet so very cute.

Tinkerbell got adopted 07/18/09.
Photo taken 06/04/09