Oscar #310 - Oscar - d.o.b. 2009

Oscar is a lovable, huggable orange tabby that loves to tell you all about his day. If you want a quiet cat that only occasionally says "meow", Oscar is not for you. But, with some patience and time, you can impress your friends and maybe you and Oscar can be famous.

Just keep your words simple and add words slowly. What words? Well, cats can't pronounce all the letters, but they can learn to say: ello (hello), I wan (I want), ou (out), waher (water), mihilk (milk). If you try to give them a bath, they all can say "NO!", and most will tell you if they caught a "mouse" (real or toy). Some cats pick up words on their own. One cat, Homer, saw a bunch of kittens that were brought home to be fostered. He looked, gave a little hiss then went to the kitchen and walked around in circles saying "I doe no". Another cat, sneazed frequently so we asked "are you ok?"; one day when I sneazed, he said "you ok?" So if you adopt Oscar and keep your video camera ready, you may win that famous video show.

Oscar got adopted 11/14/09.

Photos taken 09/01/09.