Charlie #425 - Charlie d.o.b. May 10, 2010

We found Charlie at the Animal Shelter. She had just been turned in with two broken legs, the left front and the right hind leg. It was obvious the injuries had happened many days prior, as the bones were already trying to mend. Her back leg was most affected; however our vet is optimistic that her back leg can become stronger and almost “normal.” She's on a high calorie and calcium diet and lots and lots of TLC. Each day she is getting better. She is such a sweetheart and we know that she will make someone a very special companion.

Charlie got adopted on 09/12/10 and will soon be joined by another one of our kitties, Arthur.

Photo taken 07/18/10.
Charlie #425 - Photo taken 07/18/10.
Charlie #425 - Photo taken 07/18/10.