Photo taken 07/29/10.
#426 - Kid d.o.b. 3/12/10.

When we got Butch, Cassidy and Sundance, we did not know there was one more in the litter. When we found out, we took him in and called him Kid.

Kid is a real friendly boy like his brothers. He looks a lot like his brother Cassidy. He has a big round grey spot on his side that has darker polk-a-dots in it. How cool is that!

Kid was also a very lucky kitty. He got adopted 07/17/10 even before his picture was taken for the website. But he promised to send a picture just as soon he figured out where they keep the camera in his new home, and here is his picture, along with a note from his new family.

Kid has settled in to his new home and is a very happy addition to our family. We have renamed him "Pickles" and he is the funniest, sweetest little trouble maker we have ever seen. He has not had an accident and seems really happy. Thank you so much for all of your help.