Fiona #433 - Fiona d.o.b. 07/05/10

We are now introducing "Filimena's 4". Filimena, a beautiful Flame Point Siamese, had 2 gorgeous orange tabbies that have already been adopted and 2 absolutely beautiful Flame Point Siamese kittens. All the kittens have Filimena's warm, friendly personality.

This is Fiona, one of the Flame Point Siamese. She is as sweet and gentle as her sister Felicity. Fiona has a slightly rounder head, and Felicity has a little more of the "apple shape", but that may change as they become adults.

Fiona got adopted 01/01/11.

Photo taken 12/18/10.
Fiona #433 - Photo taken 09/12/10.
Fiona #433 - Photo taken 08/29/10.
Fiona #433 - Photo taken 08/15/10.
Filimena Baby1 #433 - Photo taken 08/15/10.