Felicity #435 - Felicity d.o.b. 07/05/10

We are now introducing "Filimena's 4". Filimena, a beautiful Flame Point Siamese, had 2 gorgeous orange tabbies that have already been adopted and 2 absolutely beautiful Flame Point Siamese kittens. All the kittens have Filimena's warm, friendly personality.

This is Felicity. She is sleek and beautiful like her mom, and you would think that she would give you that cool, independent Siamese glance, but actually, she would really rather run up to meet you, and snuggle. Felicity's head has a slightly more "apple shape" than her sister Fiona, but that may change.
Felicity got adopted 10/25/10.
Photo taken 09/12/10.
Felicity #435 - Photo taken 08/29/10.