Rosey #492 - Rosey d.o.b. 08/21/10 - Female

We would now like to introduce the "Smiling 7". Look at them, they are smiling to the point of showing their pearly whites (front teeth, not fangs). And, they have personalities to match. The only problem is, they are so cute, and they look so much alike, which one should you adopt?

Rosey also has dark feet, but she has a bright personality. She likes to get in a game of "leap frog", or, rather, "leap cat". It makes you wonder, are there springs in her legs?

Rosey got adopted 11/04/10.

Photo taken 10/14/10.
Rosey #492 - Photo taken 10/12/10.
Rosey #492 - Photo taken 10/12/10.