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SHARE Animal Rescue is a California Nonprofit Corporation organized for the dedicated purpose of: rescuing, rehabilitating, sheltering and placing homeless companion animals in new loving forever homes; promoting low cost spay/neuter programs, providing assistance with feral populations; and providing education to the public to help us all promote the well being of companion animals.

SHARE Animal Rescue, was formed in January 2005. Initial efforts were focused on rescuing, sheltering and spaying/neutering of over 70 cats located at the Hollister Municipal Airport. To date the cat population still remains under control.

With that success we broadened our efforts and now work with our local shelter, other rescue groups and the community to help even more companion animals. As of December 2011, we have rescued over 750 cats and kittens and have found new permanent homes for over 610 adoptable cats and kittens and placed over 140+ feral cats in appropriate new surroundings. We have found new loving homes for over 18 dogs and 2 horses. We are currently looking for a person who can foster dogs/puppies for our organization to enlarge our efforts to help the homeless canine population.

We hold weekly adoption fairs, most often at the PetSmart in Gilroy. We list our animals with Pet Finder and have a dedicated phone line to assist the public in finding that perfect companion animal, answering questions regarding animal behavior, and seeking solutions for homeless companion animals.

Our current fundraising campaigns are targeted to provide low-cost spay/neuter programs. We have spayed/neutered over 750 cats/kittens and 30 dogs and we wish to continue this effort and when possible enlarge it to include as many animals as possible. We truly believe and have experienced it ourselves, that spay/neuter is the ultimate humane way to control our out of control companion animal population.

We also fundraise to support improvements to our alternate shelter program, which will allow us to help even more homeless companion animals.

We are a California Non-Profit organization supported only by public donations. We do not have any executive salaries and we are an all volunteer organization. Each dollar received supports our animal care needs and our spay/neuter efforts. Together we can make a positive difference in the lives of companion animals and give them and us a better future.

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