Mr. Curmudgeon
#007 - Mr. Curmudgeon - 2004 - May, 2010

Mr. Crumudgen used to live on a ranch property, that was sold to someone who wanted to build and change it. Mr. Crumudgen was an unwanted guest, even though he had been a loyal mouser for the previous owner. When we took him in his coat was ragged, his face dirty and hurt in places and, rather than meowing, he mumbled in cat talk to us. Hence, the name Mr. Crumudgen. With good food, friendly surrounding and lots of pets and love, he has turned into a very wonderful guy. He stays close to home and is the official welcome home greeter whatever time of day or night you arrive.

In May, 2010, Mr. Crumudgen died of cancer. He will be dearly missed.

Photo taken 10/04/08.

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