We are a non-profit organization, located in Hollister California, dedicated to: the rescue, shelter, nurture, and placement in new loving homes for homeless companion animals; and reduction of unwanted companion animals through spay/neuter.

What We Do

  • Rescue
  • Shelter
  • Spay/Neuter
  • Placement
  • We are currently at capacity and cannot accept any new animals.

    We are a no-kill shelter, and as the years went by, the number of senior cats with medical or behavioral issues has grown. The extra expense, and time that it takes to care for them, leaves us no choice but to be a sanctuary so they can live out their precious lives in peace.

    Please email us if you are having difficulty with a cat that you originally adopted from SHARE. Please remember, if you adopted your kitty at PetSmart, there were several groups that held adoptions fairs there. We can only help with the ones that came from SHARE.